What participants say about the experience.

"Ayahuasca takes you on a journey to the deepest level of your consciousness, and open to a truly multidimensional experience. 


Don Roberto is the grounding factor in all of this: he encourages your discovery and holds space selflessly for each member of the group. At the same time he deeply respects where you are coming from without judgement or agenda. 


His deep knowledge of the healing plants and a down-to-earth approach to shamanism makes him a valuable companion in your Medicine journey. 

I highly recommend him as a shaman and hope to join a ceremony again soon. "


Set in the breathtaking valleys of Andalucia, Southern Spain, this unique seven night retreat is a fabulous opportunity to experience first-hand the transformational healing power of Plant Spirit Medicine led by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. During the days you can rest, unwind and reflect in the comfort of a luxury yurt. Equally, you can connect with Nature and go for long, inspiring walks amidst the rolling Andalucian hills, or enjoy the refreshing cool of local springs.


There will be also be afternoon workshops to explain the many facets of Plant Spirit Medicine, specifically Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms and Cacao. Ceremonies will be held in the evening to take you deep into yourself, and ever deeper into your healing process.


The group is limited to 11 people, and in addition to accommodation, all food will be provided in accordance with the preparatory diets required for these events. The venue allows for plenty of time and space to be by yourself to ground and assimilate the teachings you may receive. Equally, if you want to connect with other participants, swap observations and insights, and forge new friendships, the venue has many natural nooks for one on one or group sharings.

Schedule . Flight into Malaga ( collection with be provided on the Thursday

please check to try to arrange flight time to suit the group and collection.)

  • Thursday   Meet and greet and introduction the the shaman and staff

  • Friday   Breakfast/ Lunch / relax and workshop  

  • Friday Night Ceremony

  • Saturday Debrief / breakfast/ lunch/ workshop / sound healing  or selected workshop / 

  • Saturday Night ceremony

  • Sunday / relax debrief / Mushroom Ceremony

  • Monday / workshop / trip to fresh springs for a drink / bathe / 

  • Monday Mushroom Ceremony

  • Tuesday / teaching / ceremony 

  • Wednesday Cacao ceremony / debrief and integration 

Jaen Spain

Thurs 13th - Thurs 20th July 2017



Price includes  transport from Granada one way/ all food/ accommodation/ workshops and ceremonies.

995 Euros / £865 

Deposit is £100 to guarantee booking/ Click the BUY NOW to place deposit

Or Via Bank transfer Deposit or full amount to 



sort code 090128 acc 58769109 

and email to info@sacredvisions.co.uk



What participants say about the experience.

""Ayahuasca is an incredible journey that can be the scariest, the most beautiful and also the most insightful experience of your life.

Luckily Cortijo Vadillo caters for all of these emotions. The food was tasty and uplifting while sticking to the dieta and the company of the residents of the place could be described as the best I have had the pleasure of spending time with. On top of this the setting is absolutely beautiful, set deep in the Andalucian mountains of Spain, the stars at night reveal every constellation. The walk through the yurts is a fruit forest that leads to a very special Yurt O still dream about.

Due to the trans-dimensional nature of ayahuasca I had done a lot of research on the subject and a common trait of shamans is to be the mystical untouchable being at the front of the room. Don Roberto, the shamanic facilitator, at this retreat is more like a life-long friend ready to cradle you at your moment of fear, always available for counsel on your experiences and extremely generous with his shamanic tools, such as shamanic snuff and soul retrievals. His brew is really strong to begin with, It gave me an out-of-body experience, yet he will weaken or strengthen the brew for the individuals in the group separately depending on needs.

The experience as a whole was nothing short of magical and i will be attending again to see my new friends and to be reintroduced to the Mother. Thank You Don Roberto and the Cortijo Vadillo team for a life-changing experience. "



"There are moments when you feel it in your bones that this is meant to be and there is a feeling of destiny in the air. I felt the same way in the months leading up to the retreat at Cortijo Vadillo. Being there made this feeling stronger, in a setting that respects and values the inner healing that we yearn for.
Journeying with a wonderful group and our Shaman Don Roberto; we became a family that shared our experiences, stories and feelings. Along with mother Aya and the wonderful work of our dear Shaman, we worked really hard and dug deep. There was immense cleansing and insight for us to reflect upon.

All of this was made special only because of the hard working and caring members of Cortijo Vadillo, who understand this beautiful tradition and provided us with some delicious, energy-filled food, clean and beautiful places to chill and sleep, lots of music instruments to explore and enjoy, as well as their valuable support with their kind words and presence.

I hope to journey there again soon in the midst of those quiet hills and beautiful Andalusian skies.



"I had a beautiful and deep healing experience.

Beautiful nature, intuitive and ever loving animals, fascinating and amazing people surrounded me, each and everyone blew my mind with their presence and it was a truly learning and humbling experience.

The plant medicine was a deep healing, challenging and insightful experience, and I could not have done it without the encouragement, love and warmth from Don Roberto and the people I met at Cortijo, who made this happen and being so supportive.

Thank you especially to Don Roberto for being a pillar of strength and patience. You have changed and are changing my life for the better with the beautiful work that you do.

No amount of gratitude will suffice this, I love you dearly.  

You will always stay in my heart and I look forward to the day we meet again."